1. Subscribe to an Investment System.

Signal Investing offers a large number of systems to choose from, with a wide variety of styles coming from multiple authors. You can explore what types of stocks, ETFs or mutual funds each system invests in, the backgrounds of the authors, and of course how the systems have performed historically. You can even view the older, closed positions. The Investment Systems page makes it easy to explore the possibilities and see which systems match your investing needs.

2. Receive buy and sell recommendations.

There’s no need to sign in every day just to check for new buy and sell recommendations. We’ll send you an e-mail or text alert whenever new recommendations appear, and you can then explore them at your leisure. All new recommendations are sent in the evening after the market closes, so there is plenty of time to explore and enter your trades before the market opens the next day. Signal Investing helps you manage your investments on a regular schedule, without a major time commitment.

3. Make the trades with your online broker.

Signal Investing provides you with the buy and sell recommendations, but your job is to make the trades with the online broker of your choice. Why do we recommend an online broker? Because commissions from online brokers are usually the cheapest, meaning there’s more profit for you to keep. And once your trades are made, you can sit back and relax, knowing you’re taking charge and actively making the most of your investments. Enjoy!