Does Signal Investing manage my investments for me?

Sorry, but no. Signal Investing provides you with the buy and sell recommendations for the investment systems that you subscribe to, but we do not manage your money or make trades for you. When you receive buy and sell recommendations, it is your job to enter the trades with your broker. Making your own trades is an important step toward managing your own investments, and always knowing how your investments are doing.

Do I need special software or computers to use Signal Investing?

No. In fact, the main idea behind Signal Investing is to let others use the special software and computers so that you don’t have to. As a Signal Investing subscriber, you’ll simply receive the buy and sell recommendations through e-mail or text alerts, and you can then make trades with your broker online. No special software is needed, and you can use almost any computer, tablet or smartphone to view the buy and sell recommendations.

Do I need to be a financial genius to use Signal Investing?

Definitely not. The truth is that investing on your own can be both challenging and time consuming. Not everyone is a financial genius, and few can devote the time needed to properly manage their investments on their own. Signal Investing lets everyone do what they do best. The financial geniuses can spend their time evaluating the markets and sharing their buy and sell recommendations. And you can take advantage of their skills while devoting your time to other things.

What brokers can I use with Signal Investing?

Because you handle the trades yourself, you can use almost any major online broker with Signal Investing. The stocks and ETFs are all commonly traded and should be readily available for purchase. Mutual fund recommendations are selected specifically to be carried by most major brokerage firms. Nevertheless, it is always wise to consider your broker’s commissions. The systems at Signal Investing assume $8.00 per trade. If your broker charges significantly more than that, you may want to consider another broker.

How much money do I need to use Signal Investing?

Each system has a minimum trade amount as recommended by the system’s author. For stock and ETF systems, the minimum trade amount ensures commissions do not take up an excessive percentage of your profits. For mutual fund systems, the minimum trade amount helps identify which funds are ultimately recommended. A mutual fund will not be recommended if its minimum investment is greater than the minimum trade amount recommended by the system.

How do I know which investment system to subscribe to?

You can start by browsing the various systems on the Investment Systems page. You can see how long a system has been available, the returns of each system up to the current day, and the the maximum drawdowns (the largest percentage drop in equity since becoming active). By clicking the View button for the system, you can explore additional performance details, and see a chart of the system’s performance compared to the S&P; 500 Index. A description of the system is also available, along with information on the system’s author.

Are your system results just back tests?

No. Back tests are used when a trading system is developed and tested against historical data. The results displayed on Signal Investing, however, are based on actual signals from the dates the signals actually triggered. The system results at Signal Investing are therefore not subject to curve-fitting, a major weakness of back testing. It should be noted, however, that the results are still hypothetical, meaning the buy and sell prices are extracted from the day’s open and close prices. No live trades took place to determine actual trade prices.

Are the results calculated the same for all systems?

Yes, apart from the different dates that the systems became active. All investment systems use the exact same evaluation algorithms, so performance values like the Annual Return, Maximum Drawdown and Percent Profitable will be calculated the same across all systems.

Is there information available on the system authors?

Yes. From the Investment Systems page, click the View button to look more closely at any of the individual systems. You’ll then have access to the Author tab, which provides additional information on that system’s author.

Will using Signal Investing make me rich?

We certainly hope so! But a more likely scenario is that you’ll simply get a good return on your investment. Do not believe newsletters or websites that promise extreme returns on your investments. There is a great deal of fraud when it comes to stock recommendations. At Signal Investing, authors are prohibited from using schemes to deceive investors, and returns are structured to reflect real trading by actual investors. Our goal is simply to offer opportunities for a good return on your investment.

When do the buy and sell signals usually arrive?

In most cases, buy and sell signals for all systems are posted about 10pm Eastern Time. Delays in obtaining the day’s prices or other issues may cause delays.

Can I try Signal Investing before purchasing a subscription?

We don’t offer free trials for our premium systems. However, there are a number of free systems that can be used to try Signal Investing. Register and signin to Signal Investing, and then click the Subscribe button next to one of the free investment systems. You can then view the signals, all open and closed positions, and even receive e-mail alerts just as you would with a premium system.

Can I subscribe to multiple systems?

Absolutely. In fact, some systems are intended to hold only 5 positions at a time. If you subscribe to one of these systems, multiple subscriptions might be helpful to help diversify your portfolio.

Are there discounts for purchasing a longer subscription?

The rate for all subscriptions is based on a 6-month subscription. But you can save 10% off that 6-month rate by choosing a yearly subscription instead.

Can I speak with someone about Signal Investing?

Sorry, but no. To keep costs down, we currently handle support issues through e-mail only. However, we take customer support very seriously and believe you’ll find our e-mail support to be fast, friendly and helpful.

Can I submit my own system to Signal Investing?

Yes! We are always looking for quality systems. If you are an expert investor, please visit the Authors page for more information on submitting your own trading system.