Welcome and thanks for reading.

Advanced Personal Finance is a blog dedicated to moving past the basics of personal finance. People who have established a personal finance base of knowledge will hopefully find some good useful information here.

Who I am and why I’m doing this

I’m a thirtysomething guy living with my wife, little girl (with one on the way) and baby boy in the Mid-Atlantic area. I’ve been reading personal finance sites for a while now and thought I would add my take. When I went looking for personal finance information beyond the basics, I couldn’t find a lot. Thus this site was born.

My money-managing background is strictly amateur. So consider this the standard warning: I am not a financial professional. Please know that I will post the best information I can to help others as I help myself, but you should not substitute this blog (or any blog) for professional personal finance advice.

I graduated college over ten years ago with what is becoming the standard post-college debt situation. I had several maxed credit cards, student loans, and no money management skills whatsoever. Shortly after, I met my wife and she set me on the path to better financial discipline. She’d probably tell you now she created a monster. Within a few short years, we were out of debt and actually saving money. She sparked my interest in personal finance and I’ve been excited about it ever since.

In this blog, I’ll be covering retirement saving, amateur tax planning, finance information, investing, and college saving. I won’t be focusing much on debt reduction, frugal living, or budgeting. Many sites do a much better job on those topics than I could and you can find them in the Blogroll.